10 Questions with J. Victor Tomaszek and James Patrick Sr.

Blood Profit$My guests today are J. Victor Tomaszek and James Patrick Sr., authors of BLOOD PROFIT$, a thriller that came out on April 25. Please scroll down to enjoy their interview.

1.          Mr. Tomaszek and Mr. Patrick, thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed for my blog. Your new thriller, BLOOD PROFIT$, came out on April 25. Tell us a bit more about this book.

The series presents the challenges of three Generation Xer to see beyond the political agendas of their time and focus squarely on achieving what is best for America. They are faced with the temptations of greed and corruptions, and are challenged to do what is right. Their quest is simple: Return America to its Constitution and to ethical practices.

2.          Where did the inspiration for this story come from, and how much of it is true and how much is fiction?

Our novels are purely fiction. We’ve written this trilogy to show readers what can be done by as few of three people who want to change America; we wrote these novels with no political agendas whatsoever.

Mr. Patrick and I don’t always agree about politics. The novels are political thrillers, much in the same manner as a classic Tom Clancy novel.

Did we do our research? You bet, and that’s what offers real-life feel of our novels. We have no agenda other than to make readers think about their own beliefs what they may want go about changing.

3.          Why do you write? Why thrillers?

Mr. Patrick had this idea in his head for quite some time. For me, I’ve been writing social criticism for years; and this is a change of genre for me.

We want the reader to focus on the character development and purpose; not the popcorn value or over the top staging. However, we would love for the books to be turned into a movie at some point.

4.          What are your writing habits? Outline or not?

Mr. Patrick and I had many sessions of defining the plot, redefining it and then writing. Mr. Patrick writes much of the plotline and does the research and character development; then, I come in and write the first draft.

We jointly edit the first draft, adjusting where necessary. Then, I rewrite and send it back to Mr. Patrick for his revisions; as you can imagine, there are several generations of revisions and reviews.

We also have a “truth squad” of family and friends, who have no qualms about telling us if sections of the books stink and need more revisions. Then, the books go to the publisher for more revisions.

5.          How difficult is to learn how to ride and shoot from the saddle, like you do? What techniques are involved?

It is very difficult to be accurate with a bow while on horseback. First of all you need to pick up speed – you can only shoot well when the horse’s hooves are all off the ground. But to do it in actual combat must be vary unnerving.

6.          What is the single most important thing you have learned during the writing process of crafting a novel?

Let the character live and let them tell his or her story, not our story. Feel the characters, and allow them to show imperfections and scars.

7.          A word of advice for new writers?

Don’t copy others’ styles. Innovate and take chances.

8.          What are your thoughts on the latest publishing industry developments, mainly the rise of the self-publishing? Did you ever consider it or might you consider it in the future?

We considered it all. Finding a publisher isn’t easy. Publishers do not want to take chances on first novels. This is Mr. Patrick’s first book and my fifth book.

We had many people touting our work. But, in the end, frankly, the publishing house picked it up and shared our commitment to the story.

9.          What are your favorite pastimes?

Both Mr. Patrick and I own alpaca ranches /farms; Mr. Patrick’s is in the Dallas area, and mine is in Chicago. That’s how we met and, over time, exchanged political philosophies.

Mr. Patrick was involved in political campaigns many years ago, while my passions include writing and opera. We are both part Italian and share the passion for words.

10.          What is your next book going to be about?

BLOOD PROFIT$ -THE PRICE OF INDIFFERENCE starts where the first book ends. It chronicles the maturing of our main characters and their abilities to fight adversity. Some of the same problems tackled in the first book will come up again, and the second book includes profiteering by CEOs and others.





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