Weekly Work Progress Report

This is my second weekly work progress report to inform my fans about my writing and other events related to my books. You can find my first weekly progress report on this link.

I was blessed with some quality writing time last week and was able to add over 5,000 words to my work in progress, ROGUE AGENTS, which is the fifth novel in the Justin Hall spy thriller series. I’m nearing the 48,000 word point and the end of the book feels so near. I know how the rest of the story is going and I just need to write it down.

A sample containing the first 50 pages of ROGUE AGENTS should be released sometime at the end of May or early June, to give readers a foretaste of this new book.

EJones_ArcticWargame_800ARCTIC WARGAME is still free on all major book retailers, but the time is coming for the book to go back to paid. If you haven’t enjoy it yet, now it’s the time. And tell a friend or two about it through your social media or by word of mouth. If they do not use an e-reader, I’m doing a giveaway for a paperback copy on Goodreads, so they can sign up there.EthanJones_FogOfWar_800

FOG OF WAR, the third book in the Justin Hall series, will be $2.99 starting tomorrow, April 22 until April 25. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy this spy thriller for yourself or one of your friends and half its regular price.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Thrilling Thirteen campaign that has started on my blog and elsewhere on the internet. We have a BIG SURPRISE for readers and fans of thrillers, suspense, and mysteries. Learn more about it by visiting the Thrilling Thirteen website and all details will be revealed on April 29.

If you join my Fans Mailing List, you will learn about these news before they hit the blog and you will have a chance to enjoy advance readers copies, promotions and many other deals not available anywhere else.

Finally, thank you very much for your continuous support. Your book reviews and word of mouth helps so much and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Please keep sharing this post and other links about my books on your social media and elsewhere.

Ethan Jones


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