Critical Condition by Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

Critical ConditionCritical Condition is a good thriller.

Things start with a bang in the prologue when Shannon’s boyfriend is killed in front of her eyes and she cannot do anything to save him. Fast forward to Chapter 1 and the scene repeats itself, but this time it’s a stranger that dies in Shannon’s arms in her front lawn.

Mr. Mabry has done a good job crafting an easy-to-read thriller. It has a fast-paced plot and convincing actions and motives of characters. This is a Christian thriller, so there is no swearing or sex or gratuitous violence. The plot is well-prepared and interesting.

As the dying man takes his last breaths, he whispers something to Shannon. And soon enough, Shannon receives a call from someone wanting to know the dead man’s last words. Shannon does not exactly remember what it was, but she has to figure it out and fast, before the stranger on the phone decides to come for her.

How will Shannon find out what the stranger wants? And in the end, what is she willing to do to save the man she loves?


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