The Ascendant by Drew Chapman

The AscendantThe Ascendant is a great debut thriller.

Garrett Reilly, a New York securities trader with a photographic memory, notices some unusual patters with regard to treasure bonds. A single unspecified source was selling two hundred billion dollars of US treasury bonds. Garrett suspect it is the Chinese. But why are the Chinese doing this? Is it an act of war on America?

Mr. Chapman’s writing is smooth yet heart-racing. The events unfold with many unexpected twists and turns and the dialogue is realistic and snappy. Some of the main characters use the F-word more than it is usual in thrillers of this genre. The descriptions sound realistic and Mr. Chapman has done his homework when it comes to researching this novel.

Garrett agrees to work with the US Army to identify the people who can plunge the US in the worst economy crisis of its history. But what will Garrett have to do to find the truth? And who are the people behind these transactions?


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