Easy Day for the Dead by Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin

Easy Day for the DeadEasy Day for the Dead is an action-filled thriller.

Navy SEAL Alexander Brandenburg loses a close friend during an operation in Iraq in 2006 in Chapter 1 but he does not let that affect his work. Six years later, Alex is dispatched with other SEALS to Iran, to destroy one of its nuclear facilities.

Mr. Wasdin and Templin are masters of the action. This novel moves forward at a heart-racing pace and almost never stops. There are a few places where things are spelled out for the reader (like how JSOC is pronounced on page 21) and disbelief is stretched quite a lot, but these are common in many thrillers of the genre. One of the main villains, Major Khan, is depicted as a monster and a pedophile, preying on young boys. Overall, the dialogue rings true and the plot is plausible.

How will Alex and his team get to their target? And what will they have to do in order get out alive?


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