Eat What You Kill by Ted Scofield

Eat what you killEat What You Kill is a fantastic debut.

Evan Stoess is a young Wall Street analyst obsessed with getting rich, who will stop at nothing to get to the top. He picks a stock that turn out to be a winner and he does climb, very fast and very high. Then things change on a dime and swift comes his fall. Evan lands hard on his back and loses everything. But Evan is not a quitter and he gets a second chance. This time instead of a winner he has to pick a stock that will become a loser.

Mr. Scofield’s writing is quick and to the point. The language is simple without the complicated professional lingo that usually bogs down such financial thrillers. The chapters are short, the storyline develops fast, and the reader cannot resist turning the page and reading more about Evan’s woes and victories.

As Evan is giving a new lease on life, what will he do? How will he play his cards this time? And when disaster is drawing near again, what will he do?


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