Red 1-2-3 by John Katzenbach

Red 1-2-3Red 1-2-3 is an interesting thriller.

A failed writer is plotting the murder of three red-headed women, the only thing in common among them. The women try to contact the police after their each receive a threatening letter, but their attempts are not taken seriously. The women find each other quite easy as they live in the same city and plan to turn the tables on the killer, who goes by the name of Big Bad Wolf.

Mr. Katzenbach has done a great job building the psychological suspense necessary for this kind of thriller. His writing flows well, but the pace is quite slow and there is a lot of background and backstory about each of the three women. While these details help the reader see them as real people and human beings, they also slow down the narrative and the action.

What will the women have to do to escape certain death in the hands of this serial killer? And how will they find the Big Bad Wolf?


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