7 Grams of Lead by Keith Tomson

7 grams of lead7 Grams of Lead is a fascinating techo-thriller.

The powerful two-page prologue is a foretaste of the events to come in this heart-racing thriller: a high power mass destruction weapon. And the rest of the book does not disappoint.

Russ Thornton is a sharp-minded journalist, who is contacted by an ex-girlfriend who has come to learn about some earth-shattering secrets. She is killed in front of Thornton’s eyes and he is also wounded. Determined to find out the truth, Thornton start his own investigation unsure who is the enemy and where he is headed.

Mr. Tomson is a master of research and has great skills in conveying just the right amount of details to make the reader visualize the situations. The dialogue is quite engaging and the characters are fleshed out well. The reader will want to flip the page and keep reading as the story is captivating and the pace relentless.

What will Thornton do to discover the truth? Why was his girlfriend killed? And who is behind these secrets?


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