Spy for Hire by Dan Mayland

Spy for HireSpy for Hire is an excellent action-filled thriller.

Mark Sava is busy doing nothing for most of his days, living off proceeds from spy-for-hire contracts in Bishek, Kyrgystan. His girlfriend Daria asks for his help in retrieving an orphan who has been kidnapper from an orphanage in Kyrgystan under her patronage. Sava is more than eager to please his girlfriend and get back into action.

Mr. Mayland knows his way around these remote Asian lands, and the story develops at a fast-pace, dripping with intrigue. Sava is not your typical spy agent, but more of a tough hero with a kind heart. He shoots his enemies then offers them bandages in a first aid kit (page 27). There’s some gratuitous sex (page 50) but the storyline moves forward well. The dialogues, the descriptions, the action, they all feel real and plausible.

The orphan is the son of a Jordanian couple killed in a car accident while working for the CIA. But why are Saudi Arabian secret agents after the little boy? And what is the larger game of secrets in which Sava soon finds himself?


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