The Accident by Chris Pavone

The AccidentThe Accident is a fascinating thriller.

Isabel Reed is a New York literary agent who receives a manuscript contained grave allegations about a very powerful media mogul Charlie Wolfe. The earth-shattering scandal the manuscript will cause if published starts a flurry of action as many people want to get their hands on the only copy of the manuscript.

While the storyline is not original (as hardly anything has been original since the time of Solomon), Mr. Pavone puts a new spin on it. The plot moves forward slowly and this novel is not as much an action or spy thriller as it is a character-driver tale, describing a series of events and their effect on Isabel and the cast of characters around her. The language is a cut above average novels in the thriller genre and Mr. Pavone weaves a great storyline with many layers.

What is the secret hidden in the pages of the manuscript? How will Isabel survive CIA agents and the others looking for the document? And was it an accident that this explosive document was delivered to this particular literary agent?


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