The Tulip Eaters by Antoinette van Heugten


The Tulip Eaters is an interesting thriller.

It opens with a powerful scene of Nora returning to her house to find her mother shot dead, her six-month daughter kidnapped, and the body of another man lying on the floor. It’s the beginning of a heart-racing tale and we’re only on page 7.

Ms. van Heugten has crafted a clever story of sins of the past catching up with the sinners and their families. The language is simple and easy to follow, with many references to the Dutch history and culture around the end of World War Two. The suspense is somewhat stifled around page 50, when the reader is given a long flashback chapter of what actually took place in Nora’s house. Still the rest of the book is a gripping story that will satisfy most readers.

Nora begins to uncover the past of the family with troubling results. She decides to leave Houston and return to the Netherlands, to uncover the roots of her ordeal and to find answers, hoping to save her daughter in the process. What will Nora find and what will she have to do to hold her daughter again in her arms?


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