The Rome Prophecy by Sam Christer

The Rome ProphecyFans of Dan Brown will love The Rome Prophecy.

The book opens with a powerful prologue, the ancient diary of Cassandra, then the story moves to present day Italy. Capt. Valentina Morasi of the Rome carabinieri is smart, hard-working, and beautiful. And when an unstable woman claiming to be a prophetess is arrested in the streets of Rome, Valentina seeks the help of an old friend, former priest Tom Shaman, to investigate the mysterious and bizarre case.

Mr. Christer had done an excellent job transporting the reader to the city and the streets of Rome. The book if full of beautiful metaphors and snippets of Italian peppered through the pages give the dialogue an authentic feel. And the readers get to experience some of the majestic scenery of Rome.

As the investigation moves forward, more horrific details surface, along with dead bodies popping up in Rome. Who is behind these ritualistic-looking murders? Is the woman crazy or is she really from the past? And what will it take for Valentina and Tom to go all the way to the end to discover the truth?


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