Mitigating Circumstances by Dawn Corrigan

Mitigating CircumstancesMitigating Circumstances is an intriguing environmental thriller.

It opens up with an interesting scene of Gail, a City Planner, responding to a complaint about a resident’s overgrown lawn. That and removing illegal signs is all in a day’s work for Gail. But things heat up when Gail discovers a dead loggerhead turtle, which is a protected species. Is the turtle murdered? By who and why? Then, Karen Baretta, an environmental activities is kidnapped and Gail and her colleague and friend Emily begin their investigation.

Ms. Corrigan had done a great job providing a fast-pace story. There are great details that enable the reader to see the scene unfolding in front of their mind’s eye. The dialogue and the bits and pieces of humor make your time with this book very worthwhile. And there is enough intrigue and mystery for those who love a hard-boiled police procedural.

As Gail and Emily dig deeper into the story, they run into a scandal of great proportions. What will Gail and Emily have to do to save their lives and rescue Karen? And who is the little pesky fellow that props up those illegal signs?


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