Identical by Scott Turow

scott-turow-identical-71Identical is an exciting novel of many twists.

Chapter 1 takes us back to 1982 and introduces us to twin brothers Paul and Cass Giannis. Then the story moves forward to 2008 at Cass’s parole hearing. He’s about to be released after serving twenty-five years for murdering his girlfriend, Dita Kronon, and pleading guilty to the crime. But Hal, Dita’s brother, is determined that Cass and even Paul are involved in Dita’s murder. And he hires a private investigator along with his head of security to prove his conviction.

Mr. Turow’s writing is flawless, with smooth dialogue and an interesting turn of events. The reader is invited to turn the page and get immersed in the fascinating story and follow the investigation leads.

But where would they take the investigators? Did Cass really kill his girlfriend or was he covering for someone else? Why would he do that, and who really killed Dita Cronon?


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