The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth

The Kill ListThe Kill List is a masterfully crafted thriller.

It opens up with the Preacher—a radical Muslim teacher who advocates murdering the infidels—being added to The Kill List, a list with names of terrorists to be hunted down and killed. And the Tracker—one of the best man in the terrorist-hunting business—is sent after the Preacher.

The Kill List may not contain as much action as other spy novels, but it is has plenty of suspense to satisfy most readers. Mr. Forsyth gives us detailed backgrounds of characters, so we get to know them and their lives and create a relationship with them. We get to know their fears, their courage, and their motivations. The language is expressive and flows well, with a good ratio of dialogue, description, and action scenes.

A series of assassinations rock the United States and they all point to the Preacher. The Tracker began his hunt in cyberspace with help from an unusual source. But where is the location of the Preacher? The chase takes the Tracker all over the world, in some of the hottest beds of world terrorism, like Pakistan and Somalia. But how will the Tracker find his prey? Who are his allies and his enemies? And who is the real identity of the Tracker?


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