Five Questions with Scott Turow

scott-turow-identical-71My guest today is Scott Turow, author of an excellent thriller, IDENTICAL, which just came out. Please scroll down to enjoy his interview.

1.         Mr. Turow, thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed for my blog. Your thriller IDENTICAL came out on October 15. Tell us a bit more about this book.

IDENTICAL is about identical twins Paul andCass Gianis.  As the principal action starts in 2008, Paul is leading in the race forMayor in Kindle County, while Cass is near the end of 25 year prison term for murdering his then girlfriend Dita Kronon. When Dita’s brother, Hal publicly accuses Paul of also having a hand in Dita’s murder , the candidate has no choice but to sue for libel, starting a complicated court case and the re investigation of a 25 year old murder.

2.         Where did the inspiration for this story come from? How long did it take you from conceptualizing it to completing this novel?

The novel took 3 years, as my books always seem to do. The novel was inspired by my urge to write about a politician who is a decent person and by an interest in twins that began with the stillbirth of my sister’s twin when I less than 3. The twin thing led me back to the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux from which the plot is loosely drawn.

3.         Why do you write? Why thrillers?  

What could be better than spending the day with your imaginary friends?  And I believe in plot. People crave stories and the boundaries of an intricate plot somehow fire my imagination of all the other elements.

4.         A word of advice for new writers?

Keep it up. Talent and luck are indispensible to success in the arts but so is persistence and the ability to get off the mat.

5.         How do you interact with your fans?

What is something significant you have learned from them?  I answer a lot of emails. Fans correct errors but most important remind me they are out there


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