The October List by Jeffery Deaver

The October ListThe October List is a thriller told in reverse.

The book starts on page 299 with the some of the last scenes in the chronological order and then unfolds as it flows backwards, describing actions and events that have already taken place. It reminds one of the movie Memento and it takes some effort and concentration on the part of the reader to follow the train of thought and the storyline.

Mr. Deaver’s writing is flawless, with just enough information to entice the reader to flip the page and to learn more about Gabriela, her daughter’s kidnapping, Joseph, the kidnapper and the other cast of characters. The story moves forward, or in this case backward, well, and it has all the elements of an interesting story: a powerful plot, a good pace, realistic dialogues and captivating characters.

How is Gabriella going to get her daughter back? What is truly going on? And what is the October List?


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