The Thicket by Joe R. Lansdale

The Thicket

The Thicket is a wonderful thriller.

It has all the right ingredients for a powerful, captivating story. An explosive beginning, with the promise of an exciting ride, neck-breaking action and masterful dialogue. Jack Parker’s parents die of smallpox, his grandfather is shot and the ferry in which Jack is traveling sinks during a storm, and we are still in chapter 1.

The Thicket seals Mr. Lansdale’s status as a great storyteller. This tale takes place in East Texas at the turn of the century. The language and the way the story develops bring to mind Tom Sawyer’s story, just with a greater thrill and a faster speed.

Jack survives the ferry sinking and is set to go after the men who shot his grandfather and kidnapped his younger sister. Jack’s only sixteen, so he enlists the help of an unlikely pair of characters: a gun slinging dwarf and a grave-digger of very few scruples.

How will their quest go and what is in store for Jack and his mates?


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