Second Watch by J. A. Jance

Second watchSecond Watch is a fascinating tale of the present and of the past.

In opens with Beaumont going for dual knee-replacement surgery. As Beaumont wakes up from his surgery he sees someone resembling his daughter or daughter-in-law in his recovery room. Is he dreaming or is she really there? Then Beaumont has a dream and realizes the woman haunting him is someone from one of his cases a long time ago.

Ms. Jance’s writing carefully invites the readers to turn the pages as the mystery is unfolded bit by bit. The descriptions come across as genuine and the dialogue in engaging and powerful. The characters come alive from the pages and the readers feels like they are present with him or her in the room, as Beaumont goes from flashback to flashback and back to his hospital bed.

Beaumont’s mind goes back to that unsolved case from 1973. Is it already too late? What can Beaumont do to find the killer of Monica Wellington? And who is the killer?


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