Multiple Exposure by Ellen Crosby

Multiple ExplosureMultiple Exposure is a fantastic spy thriller.

The powerful prologue introduces the reader to the disappearance of a CIA agent, Nick, the husband of photojournalist Sophie Medina’s husband. She comes home to London from an overseas trip to find blood and evidence of a struggle in her own home.

Chapter 1 moves forward to three months later, when Sophie hears the troubling news that her long thought dead husband is not only is alive, but is seen in Moscow and suspected to be working with Russian secret services. MI6 is suspecting that Nick is somehow involved in selling intelligence to the Russians about a vast oil reserve discovered  in the Caspian Sea and has betrayed his country. And we’re only in chapter one.

Ms. Crosby’s writing has a smooth, authentic feel. Unlike many spy thriller driven forward solely by plot, Multiple Exposure gives an insight on Medina’s feelings as she struggles to handle the shocking revelations. There is plenty of action too, for readers who long after the traditional conventions of the spy genre.

Medina moves to Washington, D.C. to start a new life, but the past follows her. A Russian oligark demands from Medina the well logs supposedly stolen by Nick and Medina finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy of an assassination involving the US Senate Majority Leader.

What will Medina do? How will she dicsover the truth? And what really happened to Nick?


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