A Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan

DangerousFictionHC_jacket3A Dangerous Fiction is an interesting thriller.

Jo Donovan is a literary agent and the owner of a major agency in New York City. She’s struggling to balance her life, her work commitments and keep away reporters wanting to write a biography of her late husband, a famous author. At the same time, she’s threatened by a wannabe-writer-turned-stalker whose manuscript Jo’s agency has rejected.

Mr. Rogan’s style is intriguing, her writing is smooth and the pace of the novel is quite fast. She provides the reader some good insight about the ins and outs of the publishing world and the workings of a literary agency, while keeping the mysteries going page after page.

Jo’s laptop is “misplaced” while she’s attending a conference in Santa Fe and then strange things began to happen. Clients of Jo’s agency began to receive e-mails and about big deals about their books, deals that were non-existent.

Who has been tampering with Jo’s laptop and why? How is she going to find the truth and what will the truth be?


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