Fans and Reviews

Dear fans,

I need your help today.

Fair and honest reviews on Amazon and other retailers’ websites help readers get an informed opinion about my works and my style of writing and help them decide whether they are going to purchase my book. They also help with book ranking and promotions. Several large promotional websites do not accept books that have a low rating, even though some of the one-star and two-star reviews I have received do not focus on reviewing the books.

If you have enjoyed my works, please take a few minutes today and leave a positive review on Amazon. It takes a one-star review to knock down five or six four-star or five-star reviews and lower the average rating, so everyone’s opinion is very important. Your kind words of encouragement and your wonderful support help me to continue writing other spy thrillers and become visible to more readers.

Thank you very much in advance. I sincerely appreciate it.



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