Havana Queen by James Bruno

Havana Queen by James BrunoHavana Queen is an excellent spy thriller.

When Frontier Brigade Commander Col. Henrique Marcial Arribe informs the United States Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that he wants to defect, the Americans doubt he’s a true turncoat. Then, bodies start turning up along the US east coast and they are all shot twice in the head. Who is killing these people within the US? FBI Agent Nick Castillo decides to investigate deep inside Havana.

Mr. Bruno peppers his writing with local flavor, titbits of information and details, as well as numerous Spanish words and phrases, giving the reader an authentic feel of the place and the people of Cuba. A cast of usual and unusual characters drive the plot forward very nicely, with suspense and passion. The technical and spy craft terms make this work sound credible.

In Havana, a tired Castro promotes a sly military intelligence spymaster, Larisa Montilla, to the rank of brigadier general, trusting her to take over the reins of the country. How will she handle Nick and his investigation? How is Nick going to learn the truth? And what will happen now that Cuba is at crossroads as the Castro brothers get ready to meet their Maker?


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