The Last Conquistador by Michael Elias

MICHAEL ELIAS BOOK COVERThe Last Conquistador is a good thriller.

Archaeology professor Nina Ramirez is working on a Peruvian site when her team discovers the mummified body of a sacrificed Inca child. Among the artifacts they also unearth the body of another sacrificed child. This one, however, is not mummified and he’s still bleeding. He was killed recently. And we’re only in chapter 1.

Mr. Elias is a talented writer. The story flows with a rapid pace and no time for the reader to get bored. The descriptions of the locales are vivid, the dialogue is engaging and the action scenes are excellent and plenty. From Mexico to Colombia to Peru, it is a thrilling trip for the reader.

The child of a US embassy secretary is kidnapped in Lima, Peru and Adam Palma with the FBI hostage rescue group is sent to investigate. Another kidnapping happens in Cuzco, near the archeological site. Adam and Nina work together to discover who is behind these kidnappings and sacrificial murders. Eerie similarities to another kidnapping in 1962 give some clues to a horrific event that may be repeated.

Why are these children being sacrificed? Who is behind these killings? And what will Adam and Nina have to do to stop the rituals?


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