Red Star Falling by Brian Freemantle

Red Star FallingRed Star Falling is an interesting final chapter on the Red Star trilogy.

MI5 agent Charlie Muffin wakes up in a hospital in Russia. He was captured during a botched attempt to extract his wife—a Russian intelligence officer and his daughter—from Russia. At the same time, MI5 and MI6 are engaged in a fierce war between themselves, with MI6 director ordering the killing of Charlie in Moscow.

Mr. Freemantle has an easygoing style. The first few pages give the readers who may have not read the earlier installments in this trilogy a background of previous events and an introduction to the main players. There are a lot of characters from MI5, MI6, FSB, CIA, a lot of traitors and betraying, a lot of meetings and discussions.

While Charlie is trying to figure out how to survive capture and outwit his interrogators, his agency, MI5 suspects someone has betrayed him. They begin to look for answers by using a Russian defector and other sources of intelligence. Will they be able to connect the dots about what exactly happened to Charlie, and will Charlie break under the immense pressure of captivity?


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