Corrupt Practices by Robert Rotstein

corrupt practicesCorrupt Practices is an excellent legal thriller.

Parker Stern used to be a great lawyer, until his mentor bit the cold barrel of a Glock and killed himself. Now Parker is called to defend his estranged friend, Rich Baxter, who screwed up their old firm after their mentor’s death. Baxter is charged with defrauding the organization he works for, a Los Angeles church, but he claims he was framed and that their old mentor did not commit suicide, but was killed by the same people now framing Baxter. Reluctantly, Stern decides to take over the case.

Mr. Rotstein clearly knows his way around a legal thriller. It’s easy to understand and to follow along, intriguing enough to continue reading and find out what is going on. The characters are fully fleshed out and real and the situations sound very authentic.

As Parker reviews Baxter’s files and prepares his defense, news arrives of Baxter’s suicide in prison. Did Baxter really hang himself? Is someone trying to bury the truth? And what will Parker have to do to discover what really happened to his mentor and to Baxter?


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