The Navigator by Michael Pocalyko

cover-of-the-navigator-by-michael-pocalykoThe Navigator is an intriguing debut financial thriller.

Rick Yeager’s dreams of making it in the big financial leagues are shattered when he barely escapes being arrested along with the big shots of Carneccio & Dice, a sleazy Washington, DC company. He’s now broke, his dreams and his expectations shattered, while his brother Warren Hunter is at the top of the powerful Compton Sizemore and Company, close to concluding the world’s first trillion dollar deal, ViroSat.

Financial thrillers tend to be drowned in complicated, technical lingo. Mr. Pocalyko’s style is straightforward, clear, easy to understand. The dialogue and the pace are great for this genre, and the suspense is just underneath the surface as the reader turns the pages.

Rick receives a request from a client to set in order her financial affairs, while in the shadows a man is keeping tabs on Rick and all his moves. What does this man want? How is he connected to this particular client? And how does ViroSat fit in the bigger picture?


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