Fangs Out by David Freed

Fangs-Out-Cover-Gif-compatible-1Fangs Out is a wonderful, slow-cooked to perfection, mystery thriller.

It begins with a powerful scene of the execution of a man sentenced to death for the murder of a young woman. The dying man claims his innocence. But don’t they all? This man, however, reveals the identity of the real murderer and his strong motive.

Enter Cordell Logan. Our almost broke flight instructor is hired by Hub Walker—the man whose daughter was killed—to dig up information refuting the dead man’s claim. An easy sounding job for ten grand; who can turn it down? But Logan finds out really soon that Walker is not completely straightforward with him.

Mr. Freed unfolds the tale and moves forward the plot very well. There are interesting characters, fully fleshed out and with depth and specks of humor spread out throughout the book. The dialogue is real, and the character’s actions are logical and plausible.

Logan begins his investigation, and the questions he asks upset quite a few people. He finds out many do not want to talk about this case, and they warn him to drop it. Then another woman ends up dead. Coincidence? Or is someone trying to silence any potential witnesses? What will Logan do, and what will it take to discover the truth?


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