I began working today on DOUBLE AGEИTS, the fourth spy thriller in Justin Hall series. I’m trying something new: shorter chapters and a faster pace. The first 1,200 words are done, covering the prologue and a part of the first chapter.


4 thoughts on “DOUBLE AGEИTS

  1. kukukachew says:

    Ethan – a preliminary comment on the Fog of War. My two initial thoughts (after about 80 pages read) is that this is your best work to date and that you have picked up the pace over the previous two books.


  2. Annne says:

    I have read the latest Justin Hall thriller and it is the authors best novel to date. His writing style improves with every book making reading them more enjoyable.
    Like all of this series it is filled with action in locals from Africa, the Middle East and Russia. There is a traitor in then agency who is trying to make sure Hall is killed. In trying to uncover the traitor Justin will find treachery in more places that he anticipated.
    I think the pace and chapter length is great in this one.


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