The Hit by David Baldacci

The HitThe Hit will become the next bestseller of Mr. Baldacci.

Will Robie meets his equal in The Hit. Jessica Reel is as skilled as he is, and she has started hunting the Agency’s officials. No one is safe while Jessica is out there. Robie is assigned to find Jessica and rein her in. He soon discovers the Agency is withholding information from him.

Mr. Baldacci does an excellent job in drawing in the reader, with lots of action from the first page. Many authors get lazy and dull after reaching fame. Mr. Baldacci, like his character, Robie, is at the top of his game. Short chapters make for a quick read and neck-breaking action follow seeming quiet moments of plotting and scheming. The dialogue is smooth and believable, and the moves of the characters are logical and consistent.

As Robie began to look for the agent gone rogue, he’s almost killed, then saved by Jessica. He realizes things are not as they seem. What is the reason Jessica is bent on destroying the Agency? What is the secret Blue Man not telling Robie? And how will Robie go about finding and stopping Jessica?


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