Collider by Dr. Chris Hejmanowski

ColliderCollider is an interesting science fiction debut.

Fin Canty is a particle physics professor struggling with the loss of his wife, Rachel, and taking care of his three-year-old daughter, Eva. He’s angry at God and tries to find solace in his work. But he’s shot and killed, while his daughter falls under the care of a runaway gang member who has decided to make a clean start in his life.

Mr. Hejmanowski is a talented writer. The language is rich and pages are full of scientific concepts. If the reader can get past a gang rape in chapter 2, then the story flows well, with enough twist and turns, exploring the afterlife, what heaven can be like, and what sort of existence mankind may have in there.

Fin cannot rest in peace in his final destination until he saves his daughter from hell. But how can he get there? What will he have to do to save her? Who can help him to complete his impossible quest?


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