Hunt the Wolf by Don Mann

Mann_Hunt_the_Wolf-659x1024Hunt the Wolf is a good debut by the Navy SEALs own man, Don Mann.

The prologue of the book starts with a bang, with a big explosion at the US Embassy in Morocco. The story fast forwards to two weeks later. Thomas Crocker, a Navy SEAL, is in Pakistan, hunting a senior al-Qaeda leader, responsible for the mayhem in Morocco.

This is a fast pace thriller you would want to read in one sitting. Mr. Mann storytelling has all the ingredients of a suspenseful novel: the intriguing plot, the flawed characters, and the realistic dialogue. The story moves forward logically, with just enough breathing room for the reader between intense actions scenes.

Crocker’s mission takes a sharp turn, as things spiral in an unexpected direction. He must respond with ingenuity and determination, along with his team, as they race against time across the world. But what is al-Qaeda’s next plot? How will Crocker stop the jihadists? What will he have to do to protect his country and his freedom?


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