Deadly Stakes by J. A. Jance

519IocshL3L._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-46,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Ms. J. A. Jance brings a very intriguing thriller in Deadly Stakes.

Ali Reynolds is caught up in the interesting murder case of Gemma Ralston as she is hired to investigate on behalf of the woman accused of the crime.  At the same time, A. J. Sanders is a young man who found the body and notified the police via a text message, but who is too afraid to come forward. Then his estranged father’s body also turns up in the desert.

The writing of Ms. J. A. Jance is flawless. She tells a fascinating tale of broken dreams and false hopes, of high expectations and low blows. The reader is engulfed in the stories of the characters, and they drive the story as much as the plot. The concise details, the inner thoughts and the background of the characters, they all bring them to life to the joy of the reader.

Ali has a tough job, but she is cut for tough jobs. Who killed Gemma and why? How is A.J.’s father involved? And what will it take to discover the truth?


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