Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen

CoverGolden Dawn is an excellent debut thriller from Mr. Kostigen. It opens up with a powerful prologue, a list of the bloodiest bombings in Northern Ireland, the man responsible for them, and the man hunting for him.

Michael Shea is a fearless British journalist on the hunt for his uncle, Sean O’Shaughnessy, the former IRA terrorist bomb-maker. The chase has brought him to Northern Iran, where O’Shaughnessy is meeting with the Iranian President and a powerful Chechen rebel responsible for the deadly Moscow subway bombings. What is O’Shaughnessy doing in this place?

Mr. Kostigen paints a vivid picture of the locales, making the reader feel like he is there with Michael and the other characters. The pace is mind-blowing, the dialogue snappy and realistic, the actions almost non-stop. Small, bite-size chapters make for a very fast read.

Michael’s path crosses that of Neda, a beautiful Persian woman with a mission of her own: escaping the Iranian Secret Service who wants her dead. But how will they elude their hunters? Who can help them? And what is the secret of the Iranian President and his trusted ideological mentor and spiritual guide?


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