ARCTIC WARGAME is 99 cents

Arctic Wargame ebook coverARCTIC WARGAME is 99 cents until Friday, February 22 – 36 reviews, 4.0 stars ARCTIC WARGAME is the first book in the wildly popular Justin Hall spy thriller series. It hit the Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers in Suspense Thrillers list in July and October 2011, standing at No. 11 and No. 8.

ARCTIC WARGAME has received great praise from Larry Bond, author of New York Times bestselling thrillers Vortex, Cauldron, and The Enemy Within, and co-author of Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy; D. P. Lyle, MD, author of the Samantha Cody thriller series and the Dub Walker thriller series; David Freed, author of Flat Spin and a Pulitzer Prize winner; and Adrian Magson, author of the bestselling Harry Tate spy thriller series.

ARCTIC WARGAME is an action-packed spy thriller in the bestselling tradition of Portrait of a Spy, Black List and The Bourne Identity. Readers will enjoy a great tale of courage, fear and betrayal. The bonus content includes the prologue and the first six chapters of Tripoli’s Target, the second book in this series, which came out on October 4. Enjoy it:


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