Shadow of the Rock by Thomas Mogford

shadow of the rockShadow of the Rock takes the reader on a mystery trip to an unusual world.

Spike Sanguinetti is a lawyer in Gibraltar, whose friend, Solomon Hassan, is accused of murdering a Spanish girl in Tangiers, Morocco, just across the sea. Spike takes on his friend’s case and travels to Tangiers, to find evidence that would help fight his friend’s extradition and perhaps discover the truth.

Mr. Mogford writes beautiful prose. The book is not just a simple development of the plot and the storyline, but a sophisticated storytelling, an amazing picture of the Rock, Gibraltar, the life and the people who live there, as well the ones who live in Tangiers. The descriptions are so vivid, they make you feel you live and breathe the air of these places. The book’s pace is fast and the dialogue smooth, full of localisms, which enhance the exotic feeling of the story.

In Tangiers, Spike meets a cast of interesting characters, including Zahra, a Bedouin girl, who is trying to find what happened to her father. Her story seems to connect to that of Solomon. The deeper Spike digs for the truth, the more he realizes he may not be prepared for what is waiting for him.

Who killed the Spanish girl? How is Solomon’s boss involved in this affair? And what happened to Zahra’s father? Shadow of the Rock will give you these answers and will reward you with a great escape and a truly enjoyable story.


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