The Right Hand by Derek Haas

The Right Hand cover has a man on a bike, zooming away from an explosion. It promises the book will take you on a wild ride. And it does just that.

In the preface, Blake Nelson, a CIA agent, is captured after an explosion on a train. Then the first chapter introduces us to Austin Clay—the right hand—the man the CIA sends for those operations where no one else, not even the left hand can know about. Clay infiltrates Russia, in order to track down Nelson. But he finds a lot of men on his trail. Death lurks behind every turn, and Clay can only rely on himself.

Mr. Haas has created a fast-paced thriller. Not much time wasted in internal monologues or reflections. When reading the book, the scenes come alive in the reader’s mind, just like watching a movie. As a screenplay writer, Mr. Haas knows how much is enough, so the reader will never get bored.

Clay finds the reason why Nelson was taken hostage, but acting upon that reason will test his loyalty to the country and to his job. What will Clay do? How much is he willing to sacrifice to save Nelson and accomplish his mission? And what is his true mission?


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