Stalked by Allison Brennan

Mr. Brennan offers a riveting tale in her latest thriller, Stalked.

Lucy Kincaid returns as a new trainee at the FBI Academy. Her training is going well, but at times she’s still haunted by her shattered past. Struggling to overcome her trials and tests, she learns about the death of a reporter, who may have wanted to write a book about Lucy’s past. At the same time, Lucy finds out one of the instructors at the Academy, Rich Laughlin wants her out of the training program. Why? And is this related in any way to the reporter’s death?

Ms. Brennan’s style is smooth and to the point, but the story is sad and dark. Killers and victims, while the police and the FBI do their best to investigate the crimes. It helps if the reader is familiar with the Lucy Kincaid series, but the story is still quite easy to follow even if one has not read the previous installments.

Who killed the reporter and why? And what’s Laughlin’s grudge against Lucy? How does she fit into this puzzle and what will she have to do to find the killer inside the FBI Academy?


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