Fear Itself by Andrew Rosenheim

Fear Itself is a great historical fiction set in the pre-WWII years.

It opens with a powerful scene set in Klagefurt, Austria. Two intelligence officers of the Reich are discussing an important man by the code name of Dreiländer, who is already in America with a unique task. One of the officers ends up dead by the end of the chapter, and the story moves to the main protagonist, Jimmy Nessheim a young FBI agent.

Nessheim is running a few informants and one of them has some interesting intelligence about the Friends of New Germany or the Bund, accounting for over half a million members across America. When his informant turns up dead, Nessheim is willing to go undercover in the Bund, but his boss is not very fond of this idea.

Mr. Rosenheim has done extensive research and has a meticulous eye for detail. The descriptions of the period, the locale, the customs and the traditions of the American-Germans, all ring true and accurate. The language is flowery and refined, the characters are well-developed, and overall the writing is of a much higher quality than your average thriller.

How will Nessheim infiltrate the Bund? What will he discover? Who is Dreiländerand what is his sinister goal?


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