Black Fridays by Michael Sears

Black Fridays is the debut financial thriller of Michael Sears and as far as debuts go, it is very good.

It opens with a great scene of a screaming woman falling down a thirty-eight story building. Was it a suicide or a murder? Then the story moves on to Jason Stafford, a former managing director of a Wall Street firm, turned convict. Stafford is just finishing his prison term and is trying to put together what’s left of his life.

Mr. Sears knows the ins and outs of the Wall Street world, since he used to work as a managing director. The plot flows well, the language is colorful, the dialogue sounds natural. A few times Stafford comes across as arrogant and self-righteous, but that’s to be expected from a former Wall Street hotshot. His five-year-old autistic son brings a human touch to Stafford’s character and to the overall story.

After Stafford is hired by an investment firm, he discovers a scandal in the making. How will Stafford handle it? What will he have do to secure his future and that of his son?


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