A Wanted Man by Lee Child

A Wanted Man by Lee Child

Lee Child takes us on a suspenseful ride with Jack Reacher riding in a car with three suspects through Nebraska and Iowa, and the local sheriff, and the FBI, the CIA and the State Department all searching for two men in suits suspected of the murder of a man wearing a shirt bought in Pakistan, or possibly the Middle East, and the evidence mounting up to a potential kidnapping linked to the murder.

The writing is precise, and the details are meticulous, and the characters develop well and in a plausible way, and the dialogue is snappy, and the rhythm of the story forms a beautiful crescendo, as Jack Reacher tries to figure out who’s who among the three people in the car, what are they running from and where are they headed, and what is the woman in the back seat trying to tell him my using the Morse code while she is blinking. Short chapters increase the thrill of the read, as you want to flip page after page, and keep on reading.

Who is the man stabbed to death and why was he killed? What is the involvement of the CIA and the State Department in this affair? What will Reacher have to do to discover the truth?


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One thought on “A Wanted Man by Lee Child

  1. Jerry Powell on said:

    I am a huge fan of Jack Reacher and have read the entire series. I have happily shared my collection with several friends who have become Reacher fans as well. I pre-ordered A Wanted Man and waited with great anticipation to read it. After reading it, I asked myself, “Why did Child bother writing it?” If it had been my first read, I might not have bothered with the others.


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