Rare Earth by Davis Bunn

Rare Earth by Davis Bunn

In Rare Earth, Marc Royce is dispatched to a refugee camp in Kenya. His cover is to deliver emergency supplies and to audit an international humanitarian organization. But his true mission is to investigate the disappearance of a foreigner, an Israeli medical technician. Royce’s specialty is rescuing kidnapped victims and the United Nations Internal Security hires him to find out the fate of the Israeli.

Mr. Bunn does a great job in detailing the life of a refugee camp in the Kenyan bush. You can feel the poverty, the misery and the hopelessness reigning in these camps. The story develops slowly, and is mostly character-driver, unlike many thrillers who focus only on the plot. The language and the action flows well, and there are plenty of surprises for the reader.

What has happened to the Israeli technician? How will Royce find the truth? Who is behind his disappearance and what is the price of justice in these remote areas of Africa?


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