Arctic Wargame for $0.99

This is the last weekend for readers to enjoy Arctic Wargame for $0.99, since this promo is over at the end of August.

Arctic Wargame is a great spy thriller with 11 five-star reviews and 6 four-star reviews. This is some praise from readers for this novel:

“Arctic Wargame puts unique characters in an unusual place, which is becoming more important to the entire world. There’s a lot of action in a very cold, but very important part of the world.” — Larry Bond, author of New York Times bestselling thrillers Vortex, Cauldron, and The Enemy Within, and co-author of Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy

“Loved the book and would like to read the next one.” — D. P. Lyle, MD, author of the Samantha Cody thriller series and the Dub Walker thriller series.

“Laden with action, compelling figures, and intriguing settings, this is a great read.” — David Freed, author of Flat Spin and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Arctic Wargame is available here:


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