You Don’t Want to Know by Lisa Jackson

You do want to read this book, but you don’t want it to end.

Ms. Jackson thrills her readers again with this suspenseful novel. Ava has lost her son Noah two years ago. He disappeared when he was only two, but Ava still sees him in her dreams. Everyone in her family, even her own husband, believes she’s crazy. But is she?

The writing in this story is flawless; the dialogue real, and the details meticulous. Ms. Jackson places you right there, in the Church Island, inside Ava’s mansion, inside her mind and the mind of her relatives. You see what is going on and you feel it as well, as if you were a part of this strange cast of characters.

Ava’s husband has hired a new handyman, Austin Dern, to take care of their stock. But what is Dern real identity and why does he carry a Glock? Meanwhile, Ava discovers a key in her sweater and tries to discover what it opens. The more she grows suspicious of her husband and everyone else around her, the closer she feels she’s getting to finding out what is going on.

What happened to Noah two years ago? What is going on in Ava’s family? What is the whole truth?


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