The Accused by John Grisham

This thriller begins with Pete Duffy as the accused, but this story is not about him. It’s about Theodore (Theo) Boone, the main character of The Accused. Pete Duffy jumps bail and soon thereafter strange things begin to happen to Theo. Someone breaks into his school locker. Then his bike tires are slashed. And after a break into the Big Mac’s Systems, an electronics store, Theo is the main suspect. He’s now the accused.

While this book is aimed at a young adult audience, everyone will enjoy the story and the plot. It’s as fast-paced as any John Grisham novel and the plot and the storylines develop quite well. Not only entertaining, the book provides the young people with an insight on the workings of the law and justice in general. It explores important themes related to guilt and innocence, right and wrong, lying and telling the truth, giving up and fighting for what is right.

Who is trying to frame Theo and why? What will he have to do to prove his innocence? Who should truly be the Accused?


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